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Abby Update May 2016

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We have just made a momentous decision. Abby was scheduled to have another operation to correct the rolling in of her feet that has been there since her osteotomies in June 2012. We opted not to do the further tibial osteotomies two years ago when this procedure was suggested because Abby was not ready to undergo another year-long rehab and recovery.

Then in December, 15 doctors convened and spoke with us. Though they were not all in agreement that this next surgery should happen, the majority did recommend it. So, we scheduled the surgery. However, I decided to take Abby to see a doctor at the rehab facility that she was at after her last big surgery. The doctor is a rehab doctor rather than a surgeon.

She looked at Abby as a person rather than just as bones. Abby has recently moved from a special small classroom into a regular classroom. She now has friends and new academic challenges. The doctor and her colleagues agreed that to take her out of this environment would not be good. Waiting until she starts to experience pain and then scheduling the osteotomies is their suggestion.

Abby and I liked that, so we have canceled the surgery until it is necessary.

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